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  4. maybe something for making ban request? like our main goal is keeping the servers clean.
  5. I don't get it how people can get so easly annoyed by such things that have been there for the last 12 years. I'm a skilled player, maybe thats the case, but I don't get annoyed by noobs spraying with their ppsh all the way. If you know how to face such players, you'll kill them easly. Maybe decreasing bullets to 32 would be an option or swapping PPSH with Thompson, but that means people have to download the new file again which we probably don't wanna have.
  6. Yes that is correct. And we don't want that.... It will decrease player count due to / the download. = So topic Locked / No changes will be made stays as it is. ( in worse case we can just disable manually) not perm even in config.
  7. That's just the standard value. This value is set in the Pam Mod. A change would mean that every player would have to download the mod again. There is no map in the normal map rotation on which the PPSH is available, which means it doesn't make much sense.
  8. Decrease of the ammo capacity to 30/35 would defiantly make it more equal to the rest of the weapons
  9. maybe make 32 ammo instead of 71
  10. I sure like a weapon with 71 rounds with lazer accuracy
  11. You don't like? i really like the random headshots with 71 bullets of pure hate
  12. I think stalingrad as 1 more to fill the slot in ( voting booth ) would work i think people like the map ? @PewPewLaser!
  13. Well, I would love depot to be added. Other than that, just add rostov and/or stalingrad to the rotation, those are already in the game
  14. I was wondering if you guys would like to ADD , more medals or ribbons as we have for " Member of the Month" to have something more added as for " Award for Activity " or even other stuff share your ideas and we see what can add than just having member of the month
  15. @PewPewLaser! Well to be honest they were great maps! one of the best TM / TDM maps for me when cod1 was alive game back than. ----> However we can " ADD " 1 more Original Map from cod2 into our voting booth since we have 1 slot open to add 1 map there " or just leave it as it is TJ/DW/Bur/Matmata / reply this map. Any suggestion you would add?
  16. I respect your guidelines and what you're saying. Still it somehow doesn't make sense to me how a stock map from CoD1 can be considered a custom map. Topic can be closed then.
  17. Hi , @PewPewLaser! Thanks for coming up to our forum! We appreciate your suggestion , but " we don't add as my mates have mentioned above " custom maps into our S&D Server " - We've tried that before some long time ago. And many have left right away , when the map came on. However we will add these " maps into our Custom Maps ---> In the new MapPack coming shortly as we do every month into custom server.
  18. Yes my big fingers, of course port "28964"
  19. Bro, it's actually "28964" port.
  20. Hello, so no custom maps are introduced on our S&D server! You can choose the cards from the Call of Duty 2 pool. Such maps can be installed on the custom server with port "28964".
  21. I think we shouldn't add custom/cod1 maps to the SD server. And Trying may harm the server, this is our most populated server atm and if we are gonna change things like this and it doesn't work we can lose alot of player. and its had to get them back.
  22. Depot used to be a standard map in competitive CoD1 tournaments, so it is not really a custom map! Chateau was quite the famous dm/tdm map in CoD1 aswell. You could argue mp_dust being a custom map since it is not implemented in CoD in the first place, but dust is probably the best known map in all of the existing Egoshooter. In my opinion these map might deserve a chance on the S&D Server for reasons explained above. No harm in trying something new. Maybe there are even some oldschool guys who might enjoy taking a trip down memorylane.
  23. i agree with guys above, in addition u can ask any admin online on server to turn on voting and vote for another stock map u want. as u know i usually use this method when ppl start whinning about "shitty map"
  24. Lol if you want more old popular COD maps you want maps like Powcamp + UO_Powcamp, Pavlov, Neuville and Stalingrad a but we already have a custom server but yeah maybe add 1 or 2 more Stock maps to S&D server im all for that maybe invite everyone to do a poll on what everyone wants??
  25. Hi, We tried custom maps in the past and it never worked out. People are used and will only the main stock maps since they are most known and people are most familiar with them. I don't see this having a suceed. No hard feelings and don't understand me wrong. That's just my opinion and i'm sure more will agree on that. People simply don't give new things a try.
  26. Yo Noobs here we go! Can't believe I actually signed up for this.. I think it's time to mix up the S&D Server and add 1 or 2 maps. I'm talking about normal maps, preferably from like the CoD1 game. Burgundy/Toujane/Matmata/Carentan in rotation is boring. How about add mp_depot ( http://www.klobis-welt.de/new/index.php/de/2014-05-18-15-33-59/download/17-cod2-maps/131-mp-depot ) It's an old map from CoD1 and is lovely to play in S&D. Maybe mp_chateau? ( http://www.klobis-welt.de/new/index.php/de/2014-05-18-15-33-59/download/17-cod2-maps/112-mp-chateau ) Or maybe a very playable CS1.6 map - mp_dust? ( https://gamebanana.com/maps/download/35565 ) Let's mix it up a bit!
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