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  1. If anyone going to visit Moscow due football championship will going or any of your friends - pls send me pm.i can give you best offer and rent out cheap 1-room flat and maybe couple flats with more rooms if needed. If you have friends who wanna visit - pls inform them too. thanx in advance

  2. CoD2 Original Key Code

    @UG.GabbaGandalf u have to wait about half of year at airport lol
  3. CoD2 Original Key Code

    @UG.GabbaGandalf unlucky u wanted visit moscow-buy cd disc with delivery to airport ahaha
  4. low asks for help about fps

    if will help-lemme know
  5. How to crack server ?

    @BLEACH solved?
  6. fps stutter with new cpu/mainboard

    @UG.GabbaGandalf try to set read only attribute on changes it by its own after some time.i dont like it
  7. CoD2 Original Key Code

    @UG.GabbaGandalf i bought cd disc via like ebay is old so no1 is using this key except me
  8. GameTracker Profile problem

  9. low asks for help about fps

    @low which war server do u usually use?our or different? first of all u need to check ur cfgs.each mod path has own cfg usually u use cfg from main game folder(main-players-user-config_mp.cfg) so just copy this cfg to every path with ur username in each mod folder.for example (mods-pam206-players-user-)
  10. FPS problem

    so now his fps 250 and sometimes(not often) goes to 230.with my uploaded cfg for him.any suggestions to make it stable?his ping is good always as i see on servers.but we havnet seen his lagometer tho p.s. sometimes red lines.wi fi connection as i know he likes what he has atm tho lags from time to time.not so often gg (21/02/18)
  11. FPS problem

    @GOATSE 250 normal fps for gaming.333 is forbidden at many servers.too high.250 stable is best.u can set ur fps with command \com_maxfps 250; 250- its ur fps
  12. FPS problem

    @GOATSE wow.good anyway u can try my edited cfg for u.i think its best.already included settings that prox1 mentioned above and some other.and set pls 250-maximum allowed and recommended on our servers
  13. FPS problem

    @GOATSE edited ur cfg.try this and post ur new fps pls \cg_drawfps 1 config_mp.cfg
  14. FPS problem

    @pRox1 i think it wouldnt enough for him @GOATSE i will take a look on ur cfg tomoroow
  15. 3.jpg

    From the album by Hartmann