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  1. More Fps

    @Logic. 333 disallowed btw.and maxpackets depend on ur internet speed
  2. Someone here plays World of Tanks?

    @UG.GabbaGandalf my father used to play never even wanted
  3. fps stutter with new cpu/mainboard

    @UG.GabbaGandalf try ur own cfg which u used before with this old hardware
  4. [UdSSR] vs Random

    @Fight^er yup.let get more practice let me know when u ready
  5. [UdSSR] vs Random

    @Fight^er we ve lost our map -.-
  6. [MODS] Fallout 4

    @Fight^er i have good pc so idk how to decrease settings...i gave him some custom cars in other topic.tho i will try to find out how to increase performance way-buy new hardware
  7. [MODS] GTA V custom tesla mercedes etc.use openIV @FaZeR
  8. [MODS] Fallout 4 here is my virtual disc with some light mods @UG.GabbaGandalf will upload some of them which i recommend if any1 doesnt understand russian-use google chrome translator.ez.or ask me all mods in english.maybe couple in enjoy-ask if anything happens
  9. [MODS] Fallout 4

    1.mod manager for better installing.this programm makes backups etc.usefull 2.unofficial patch fixes many issueses and other problems which u can see in standard version 3.fix for 1280x1024 resolution only 4._Nexus_Mod_Manager-0_63.14.exe engUnofficial Fallout 4 Patch-4598-2-0-0.7z Fallout 4 1280x1024 HUD Fixes -143-Beta2.rar
  10. [MODS] Fallout 4

    @UG.GabbaGandalf tried a lot of mods but these are best for graphics/gameplay/performance for me.if u need any-just let me know i will upload
  11. [UdSSR] vs Legit.

    @Fight^er wp
  12. [UdSSR] vs Legit.

    @Fight^er sniper no1. no1 can see me and i cant see any1
  13. [UdSSR] vs Legit.

    @exzz usually 65 and these pcw always 80-100 unstable -.-
  14. [UdSSR] vs Legit.

    @exzz@KONEX @Fight^er