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  1. fps jumps and pronecliping rules?

    If i may, You guys try to attract cg players, yet there are loads of non-sense things happening : - I know that's already on discussion, yet i'll still mention it as it's not fixed : random kicks. - The clipping issue : many people noticed that you won't take any action against people with no honor or education constantly clipping. "Why should i keep getting killed by bug abuse if no action is taken, let's do it too". - The FPS limit issue : why the hell don't you prohibit 333, 500 and 1000 FPS. That only causes game engine abuses : silent running and going to unreachable places. Even some of your admins use that and/or don't play SD, that shouldn't be tolerated.. How do you expect people to behave well if your own admins can't respect your own rules. PS : Not really game breaking, but why don't you fix the fact that you can kill people when a round ended? I actually don't understand why it has been implemented in the first place.