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  1. GameTracker Profile problem

    I've added my whole tag , exactly as i have it in game ... and i still don't have it as pino it worked back in the day now it does not ... pretty weird.
  2. Someone here plays World of Tanks?

    @UG.GabbaGandalf I had it installed at one point played it maybe an hour
  3. GameTracker Profile problem

    I'm having an issue with my current GameTracker profile i have added my tag so it creates profile i have done it before way back , now i've tryed it again and it resetted my whole hours , and it does not show my name as its in profile at all... Another thing is my hours are not recording at all ?
  4. More Fps

    Topic Pinned @Logic. Nice Post
  5. #Proudtobeblue

    Happy - Birthday
  6. fps stutter with new cpu/mainboard

    @MrKiffix That's your FPS at all times? even before the screenshot was taken? I have stedy 250 at all times np , but each time i take a screenshot my FPS Drops for that 1sec when i Screenshot it it drops low you can see on most of the screenshots i upload from wars how low it gets on the Second i press F12 for screenshot ... Your situation however its weird hmmm i really don't know try upading like graphics driver maybe it might help consider that as a try
  7. New Maps Server #5

  8. hi bro..pls ban panther again..his ip:


  9. New Maps Server #5

    New Server Information : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Server Name : [UdSSR] New Maps [CRACKED] CoD2 Server#5 Server IP : --> connect / GameTracker Server MOD Type : --> Slots Amount : --> 12 Slots Sponsored by : @Sven Lisjak ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [UdSSR] Menu Mod : Our Main Menu Server List " MOD " Has as well been updated that can be downloded thru the server " turn your downloads ON " Or simply by downloding it form here with the link provided under. --> UdSSR Menu Mod <-- mp_giantroom.iwd mp_jojo.iwd mp_jjs_aim.iwd mp_jjs_aim.iwd Full_Map_Pack.RAR.rar
  10. Merry Christmas

    Would like to wish Everyone A Warm Merry Christmas ! Have a safe & a warm one
  11. Holiday anything discussion

    @argonaut I don't do them specially when its so colorful xDDD ( its a joke i don't do shooms SON ) Its not the season to get them for any dealer
  12. Holiday anything discussion

    no tree no nothing anybody booooooooooooooooo!
  13. [UdSSR] vs Random

    @Alex10Hartmann I didn't get the chance to do a screen shot of the russian map. - Well we have't played for a while we were out of shape Some pcw later?
  14. [UdSSR] vs Random

    Burgundy : 12:8 UdSSR Lost. Toujane : 11:9 UdSSR WIN's. @Alex10Hartmann @Kable. @KONEX
  15. Norton Connect Safe blocking websites

    1.) In the Norton main window, click Settings. 2.) In the Settings window, under Detailed Settings, click Firewall. 3.) On the Program Control tab, select the program that you want to allow access to the Internet. 4.) In the Access drop-down list for the program entry, click Allow. Click Apply. See if that works for the websites your having issue connecting to. If its mostly of all the websites i will look for other solutions