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  1. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas
  2. Rcon Tool Helper

    1. Download RconTool 2.Install it 3.Check this video 4.Fullfill the Rcon Tool like below. 5.Save the profile and Close and Re-open the Rcon Tool 6. Open the Profile with the server and click to connect ________________________________________________________________________________________ Kicking and Changing Maps Load your server profile in Rcon Tool and open Dialogs See image for detailed view: There you have two buttons : Kick Center and Maps. 1. Click Kick Center and then click in the new window Get Player Info to refresh the list of players on servers. It will show empty if no players are connected. Select the player you want to kick. From this point you can kick in 2 different ways: a) Clientnumber Kick. to kick by the slot allocated to the player. b) Playername Kick. to kick by the name of the player. See image for detailed view: 2. Click Maps to change Map, Gametype, Restarting map. Select gametype you want to put from Gametype Dropdown Menu and hit map you want for that Gametype and it will load directly. See image for detailed view:
  3. Funny Videos & Share a laugh

    just laugh bros
  4. [POLL] which mobile phone?

    I own Iphone 5s CooL Phones .. From the vote i see that many love samsung .. I like very much samsung s8..
  5. Welcome!

    heeeey SL4P IS HERE
  6. Use this or the old one?

    This forum is better than the old one need many changes but i am sure Hinz will do it nice brooo.!