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  1. fps jumps and pronecliping rules?

    Here it is zpam300_beta_2016_2_2.rar
  2. fps jumps and pronecliping rules?

    It is really fixed into a new zpam 3.0, you can see it all here; http://cg.kratas.net And yes it is working, i do know some servers which run them.
  3. fps jumps and pronecliping rules?

    Every jump that can be done with a maximum of 250 fps should be allowed, except the out of the map glitches. We can't forbid clipping, although it ruins the game badly.
  4. Call of Duty WW2 Beta

    its getting better and better, been playing good lately, although feels odd.
  5. Call of Duty WW2 Beta

    It is not that I don't enjoy, I just don't feel it yet with this game. Weapons are just weird as well. Waiting for battalion either way
  6. Call of Duty WW2 Beta

    It doesn't feel smooth, hit reg is totally off, i just don't know haha
  7. Call of Duty WW2 Beta

    Just saw it and instantly downloading, hopefully it's still on for some hours so I can check this out!
  8. IRC: #cod2.wars

    If first link for cod2.wars is not working, try this; www.webchat.quakenet.org
  9. Nades

    Powered by Argonaut
  10. Future of UdSSR Clan (Public)

    I rather have 3 public servers then 1 war server, which will be empty 99% of the time, so skip the warserver and keep the main focus on the three new servers.
  11. [SOLVED] Sound Bug

    If you have multiple jacks, then be sure that they are all filled up. Like Alex stated earlier as well, could be due multiple drivers for sound, which interrupt with each other -> a fresh install could solve the problem, although no guarantees are given. Im just curious with what you mean with sound bugs, since I never heard of this issue before (ironic he :P)
  12. Hello, This forum section was created in order to help players that have some kind issues with the game Call of duty 2, but feel free to ask for any kind of help. How to request help? 1. Before you request for help make sure that the same issue hasn't been posted and solved on the forum by another player yet. 2. When requesting for help, try to describe your problem as much as you can. 3. ALWAYS provide us with Operating system you are using to run the game, and some basic hardware informations (Graphic card, CPU, gb of RAM). 4. Add some screenshots of the error/issue you are having. -How to make a Screenshot? ---> 1. When the error pops up, click the button on your keyboard that says "PRT SCR or print screen or SYSRQ (located in the top right side of your keyboard above the backspace/enter button). ---> 2. Go to your system menu, search for program called Paint, open it then click " CTRL + V " (without pressing the + button). Image should pop up. In the paint click "save as" button and save the picture so you will be able to upload it. ---> 3. Once you have taken the screen shot. Go to udssr forum in help section and create a new topic with all of the above mentioned information and upload the screenshot of the problem you made. File attachment system is located on the bottom of the page. Click on "Choose files" then click on the screenshot you have made 4. Wait for the support team to come and help you. 5. Meanwhile if you fix the problem yourself, ALWAYS come back to your post and write down the solution that worked for you, so future players with the same issue will know how to solve it (remember: you get what you give). When the issue gets fixed, the topic title will be added with badge: [SOLVED].
  13. Future of UdSSR Clan

    I think they can do it together, although I'm not sure how much knowledge is needed to keep the server up and running. For now, train them well Hinz
  14. UdSSR Discord Server

    Get on board boys! Who is johndark tho?
  15. Future of UdSSR Clan

    I know Discord and it's pretty good, but Im not gonna let everybody switch to Discord and even force new players/admins to have it, I don't think that will benefit us in any way. If people want it, then obv we can do it. Just keep 3 servers + forum + teamspeak and we should be all good.