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  1. how is my little nuubi? happy new year :* miss ya xx :emoticon-0109-kiss:

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    2. Hinz


      xD i love your best wishes :D:D happy week <3

    3. wonder girl

      wonder girl

      ohh well xD come to Skype sometime i wanna show u smth :D

    4. Hinz


      :D im online there in this very moment

  2. really wawa hero? lel you wish.. i could beat u anytime on 1v1 :P

    1. Pinocchio


      Anytime sis, but bring TV on the server, you could start a golden cod2 career :P

  3. lol, you is still alive????

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    2. wonder girl

      wonder girl

      ohh yh?  let me post some too :P

    3. Hinz


      we all know that yours are all fake :780_sparkling_heart: :D 

    4. wonder girl

      wonder girl

      never.. xD miss you hinzii, hope all ok with you ^^

  4. wtf like on fb :DD

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    2. Fight^er


      I have tried it it was a while back my friend had it well of course its stronger more THC  lucky you gimme somee

    3. wonder girl

      wonder girl

      yh nooo im being selfish if its about weed xD I'd give to my boss tho so he could chill the fk out sometimes at work.. xD

    4. Fight^er


      PoT Head :P to its max u wont share with gregii?? come on now girl lets get real? gimme a bit sharing is careing  i'm the booss :P i need to chill the fk out sooo?