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  1. GameTracker Profile problem

    You click on the nickname in the list and click and there is a button to claim that username as yours. Should work.
  2. GameTracker Profile problem

    new name new hours
  3. Someone here plays World of Tanks?

    Never played it although I own a Black T-Shirt of the game. LOL'D
  4. #Proudtobeblue

    Happy birthday mate indeed!
  5. #Proudtobeblue

    I actually like Manchester City even though people flame them duo money and not big history.
  6. How to crack server ?

    I have luxhosting server atm and if I wanna change that I do it from their website ftp. Sorry.
  7. How to crack server ?

    Don't they (pukawka) provide a ftp website where you can change that and many more options? If none of these comments helped you, I would keep this one for private wars or CG and create one cracked each time you wanna play with your friends over here -
  8. fps stutter with new cpu/mainboard

    You can try asking here, but expect idiots trolling you with stupid comments. -> make sure that you run Win 10 - version 1607 - everything above that could ruin your in-game FPS or sensitivity
  9. fps stutter with new cpu/mainboard

    Weird. Try googling it. Sorry I cant help you out. Maybe if he tries lunching it as Administrator or changes compatibility mode.
  10. fps stutter with new cpu/mainboard

    Weird. Is he perhaps having any updated running at the time? Windows or something?
  11. fps stutter with new cpu/mainboard

    Go for directx7 and only the first number is important, not others.
  12. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas!
  13. Norton Connect Safe blocking websites

    I did this and so far it looks fine -
  14. Norton Connect Safe blocking websites

    I don't even use Norton and never installed it wtf. Why would I use VPN when using Google Chrome? Wtf???
  15. Norton Connect Safe blocking websites

    I think I've fixed it (for now), but I would like to hear replies of people who had this before and how they fixed it permanently.