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  1. fps stutter with new cpu/mainboard

    I had with an very old mainboard and cpu constant 200 fps (very old intel) now i have amd fx-6100 and now fps are showing 250 but it feels like 60-90(microstutters) see picture (right side 250 left side usually on tj 69-125 where the 5 is. what can i do? low graphics dont help.
  2. [SOLVED] Sound Bug

    @Fight^er @Alex10Hartmann @exzz @fURBYx Thanks for your help guys, I fixed the bug by reinstalling Audio driver
  3. [SOLVED] Sound Bug

    @Alex10Hartmann okay i will try this, thanks
  4. [SOLVED] Sound Bug

    @Alex10Hartmann Completely reinstall audio driver for windows ?
  5. [SOLVED] Sound Bug

    Every time i tab out my sound bugs and I have to restart the game to fix it.