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  1. fps jumps and pronecliping rules?

    Isn´t that the mod with all weapons and automatic svt´s? I like our mod better in my opinion.
  2. Happy Birthday m8 xD


    1. Red One

      Red One

      Tnx bro <3333

  3. fps jumps and pronecliping rules?

    1. FPS Jumps - Jumps that are do-able with 250 fps are allowed on any server, or am i wrong? Jumps that are do-able only with 333 fps are kickable (not on s&d server) like the roof at allied spawn on toujane? 2.Proneclipping - Can we kick players who are abusing/overusing pronecliping (ctrl+space+shoot repeat) after some warnings of admin? I mean you can use proneclip in some tricky situations but if you are camping and doing nothing but pronecliping or proneclip after every shot the whole match, it starts getting very annoying/frustrating. I dont know the strict rules about these two so i wanted to ask, just to be sure
  4. Call of Duty WW2 Beta

    Well i thought it was quite enjoyable. Better than the last 4-5 cod deffinetly. The only thing that real sucked was the hit detection and P2P connection.I think about to maybe buy it at release/a little bit after (last bought cod was Black ops 2) But still CoD 2 > CoD WW2
  5. Mobile phone?

    Have Iphone 4s since 5 years and still somehow working felt once from 2nd floor and no damage. never repaired. but old and battery runs out quick.
  6. Considering to Buy a New Graphics Card

    If you buy a new graphicscard u should definitly buy a new CPU too.
  7. Use this or the old one?

  8. Future of UdSSR Clan

    well new maps would be a nice server that could stay if possible
  9. Use this or the old one?

  10. Use this or the old one?

    Gametracker links were usefull on the old one thats sure
  11. Future of UdSSR Clan

    yeah 2 s&d servers are not needed (since only 1 is full/beeing played on) and things like dm hardcore or oldshool tdm are never used.
  12. Future of UdSSR Clan

    RIP, was a short but fun time. Hopefully servers will be back or continue to exist in the future.
  13. Use this or the old one?

    Sup. So we have like 2 forums now?:D