We've moved to a new host, so gaming server ip's have changed. Check below for new ip's, or delete  udssr 2017 mod in your COD2 main folder and connect to the server using /connect to download the current mod.



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  1. Future of UdSSR Clan

    If they know how to work with Linux then that's good, if their going to rely on google to fix things then that's not so good. Being willing to do and being able to do it are different things.
  2. Future of UdSSR Clan

    We are, but if nobody is going to dedicate themselves as server administrator then I don't think there is much point in going the linux way. Its going to take more then couple of hours to learn linux, you also need more then 1 server admin otherwise what happens when the server messes up? the server becomes down for a week until somebody is able to fix it? The servers have took a big hit in the past few months, the servers are not nearly as a busy as they used to be. With game servers you get what you pay for, maybe you can find a dedicated server cheaper else where.
  3. Future of UdSSR Clan

    We use discord as well as a forum, but discord is whats used the most but having a forum on the side is no issue. Discord is the way forward and more 2017, If you want to run a forum I'm happy to host it on 1 of my servers.
  4. Future of UdSSR Clan (Public)

    Linux is not hard to use, just like anything it takes a little time to learn. However what you don't want is just 1 person running the server because if something goes wrong your stuffed until said person comes on. Its more expensive but I would get a server from game servers, you've got 24/7 support, an easy control panel to use and are able grant other users certain access. They also use clan pay which you can post the link to on your site for people to contribute to the server costs.