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  1. [UdSSR] vs RH

    Couldn't have won that match on burg without me
  2. !!! Keep Calm Because It's My B-Day Today !!!

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    2. Red One

      Red One

      Thank You All So Much <333
      ( Hvala Urby <3 :D )

    3. Fight^er


      Hope you had a good one !

    4. Red One

      Red One

      Was drunk,don't remember xD

  3. Considering to Buy a New Graphics Card

    @argonaut Well if you are going to get rid of it...You could send me,if you're not going to sell it for $$$... All you have to do is send it and I'll pay the shipment
  4. Considering to Buy a New Graphics Card

    I think here's the motherboard info.. So you can check this as well as the other pictures.. @urby6300
  5. Considering to Buy a New Graphics Card

    Well I just want that everything runs smoothly... A little bit of extra storage,capacity,RAM and etc wouldn't hurt... Yet I'm a gamer and I love gaming Other more demanding and insanely powerful games I play on PS4... So the only thing I really need a little bit more power is for CoD 2 and Crysis...
  6. Considering to Buy a New Graphics Card

    So the best and the safest solution for this should be that I buy a new housing ? How about monitor,can it stay the same or if I'm replacing this one with a new one,should I get a better monitor as well? Because I payed $500 for this piece of s*** and it already broke down more than 5 times and that guy who was repairing it just shoved a potato GPU inside it... Maybe the best solution is to save up and buy all new gear? Then if the new GPU doesn't suit me I can safely buy a new GPU (750Ti perhaps or something stronger,Idk)... Opinions?
  7. Considering to Buy a New Graphics Card

    I want a Graphics Card that can support a steady 333 at least ! PC Info :