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  1. Hey exzz, sorry 4 not responding on shoutbox yesterday (today :) ). Had to run out and forgot to log out. Maybe next time.

    A jbg, pozabu da si SLO ;).


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    1. exzz


      bomo drugič :D

  2. Future of UdSSR Clan (Public)

    It was me, yea. No prob. Im glad i can contribute to our community. ?
  3. Future of UdSSR Clan (Public)

    Sorry @exzz, forgot to include u in previous post . Hehe... offcourse i'll stick around. Thanks for support Fighter. See ya, hear ya, shoot ya
  4. Future of UdSSR Clan (Public)

    Hey guys, im not so active lately couse off starting bussines and everything and it's much to do. But really dont want to lose our community. Now and then, when i have time, i still relax playing cod manly on UdSSR servers. So i want to help keeping them alive. @Hinz, @Fight^er,can u tell me where to donate? It won't be much, but still, something here something there and we will surrvive ?.
  5. Welcome!

    Wazuuuppp girls