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  1. Cryptos

    I bet you had THC coin 😀😀
  2. Cryptos

  3. shot0266.jpg

    Aimbot confirmed!
  4. Funny Videos & Share a laugh

    haha Good old days...
  5. Cryptos

    Where are you trading?
  6. Cryptos

    Hey, any one in crypto market? Trading cryptocurrencyes..?
  7. fps jumps and pronecliping rules?

    Jumps out of the map are forbidden. Every other jumps are legal. We do NOT and can’t kick people for their play style. Let it be camping or clipping, we do not kick for such things. Its annoying yes i agree, but we have to let people play their own style. Best regards U.
  8. Great profile video Hinz :DDD

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    2. HyperX Gamer

      HyperX Gamer

      wtf is this movie about -.-' ? trying to make something and then break it? :DDD

    3. Hinz


      naa bro its about an art that has been undiscovered for thooousands of years :P you should really start making your mind about human history, its amazing :) these techniques are used to pretty easy extract iron 

    4. HyperX Gamer
  9. Considering to Buy a New Graphics Card

    Its HP, but version is not available as it writes under the base board version... You have to download program called CPU-Z and check there.
  10. Considering to Buy a New Graphics Card

    Exactly. No need to say anything more.
  11. Welcome!

    Ye. Mobile version works too