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  1. I really really don't like it enough, nothing wrong with me, I generally don't like the feeling in games that run on the unreal engine. Even though the quake engine (quake series, sof2, cod1, cod2, cod4) is outdated, it still feels much better to me than every other engine out there. However, I can enjoy a game of ctf or tdm or whatever the gametypes are when you queu up on arcade on b44, but sd (wartide) is boring on b44. The whole "money" system is stupid, actually feels more like a ripoff than the card system they started with. 2 names coming back doesn't mean the game is good, look at quake champions, toxic, cooller, cypher etc.. They all play it, it doesn't mean the game is good or superior to the previous games. Fps games made with the unreal engine will always feel worse than games made with the quake engine (or altered versions like sof2 for example).
  2. My pc will be gone at the end of the month, laptop arrives tomorrow.
  3. Sup, Knowing I'm in the ban team I feel like I should let you guys know I sold my entire setup. I've been playing less and less, not just cod2 but games in general. My cousin knew I was thinking about selling my stuff and yesterday he asked if I wanted to get rid of it because he's looking to get into pc gaming. I managed to sell everything to him, everything together my setup has cost me about 2k, and I felt bad about it just standing here collecting dust. I grew up with starcraft 1, doom, quake 1/2/3,... The games of today and tomorrow are not appealing to me. Who knows, maybe in a few years I get myself a pc again but for now I'll be gone from pc gaming entirely. I bought myself a laptop that probably won't even run cod2 (asus zenbook), so yeah.. Will be buying a Nintendo Switch and a ps4, 2 things I can play with multiple people in the house, knowing myself I'll probably go crazy on Zelda and Spyro, good ole nostalgia 💪 Anyhow, I will be on discord from time to time and on the forum, but you won't see me in-game. @exzz @Alex10Hartmann @GabbaGandalf @Fight^er @bob123
  4. Rifle server

    no map rotation. just alter the weapon/faction files
  5. Rifle server

    how many servers do we have now? I would drop the custom map server entirely, hardly anyone ever plays it, and if someone plays it, it's usually someone from us, you can just gather together on the war server and put the custom map on there and load it and you can have some fun there. 1 tdm server, 1 dm server (I'd drop the all weapons server, as activity is completely gone as the girls rather play rifle only nowadays unfortunately), 1 sd server and 1 war server, that's all you really need. Right now I'd say you have too many servers for the activity that we have.
  6. Rifle server

  7. Rifle server

    It's really no big deal to enable all the rifles though, takes like 2 minutes to open up the pam mod, alter the files and restarting the server with the altered version.
  8. Rifle server

    Pam has a rifle only mode iirc, if not, just alter the available weapons and you're fine.
  9. STEP 0: The first requirement is that you have access to your server's FTP. STEP 1: Once you have access to the FTP of your server, the next step is to add some lines in the "pbsvuser.cfg" file, which is located at ..\pb\pbsvuser.cfg. Open the file and add the following: pb_sv_load stock_iwd_md5.cfg // stock-iwd checksum control, remove the "//" to enable and put stock_iwd_md5.cfg in your pb folder pb_sv_load promod_iwd_md5.cfg // promod-iwd-file checksum control, remove the "//" to enable and put promod_iwd_md5.cfg in your pb folder pb_sv_CvarChangedPulse 99 pb_sv_CvarUserPulse 99 pb_sv_task 20 2500 pb_sv_cvarsrch wait pb_sv_task 80 2500 pb_sv_cvarsrch vstr pb_sv_task 140 2500 pb_sv_cvarsrch bind pb_sv_task 200 2500 pb_sv_bindsrch wait pb_sv_task 260 2500 pb_sv_bindsrch vstr pb_sv_task 320 2500 pb_sv_bindsrch com_maxfps <- that's what you want to use pb_sv_task 380 2500 pb_sv_bindsrch rate pb_sv_task 440 2500 pb_sv_bindsrch exec pb_sv_task 500 2500 pb_sv_bindsrch bind pb_sv_task 560 2500 pb_sv_bindsrch set The "pb_sv_task 20 2500" command performs a task after 20 seconds in a loop of 2500 seconds. If you want the server to scan more frequently, just lower the value of 2500. Make sure that the highest value of the scantime does not exceed the value of the loop (currently 2500). You can also add more values to be scanned for. For example if you want to add a scan for a toggle bind, just add: "pb_sv_task 40 2500 pb_sv_cvarsrch toggle" and "pb_sv_task 240 2500 pb_sv_bindsrch toggle". STEP 2: Now you need to edit another pb file: pbsv.cfg. This file is located at ...\pb\pbsv.cfg. Open the file and edit and add the following: First make sure that the following command is set to "1" like this: pb_sv_CvarLogging 1 Secondly, add the following command: pb_sv_load pbsvuser.cfg STEP 3: You have completed all the settings on the server side. Your server should now make logs and save them on the following location: ...\pb\svlogs. The logs start with the number 00000001.log and new files are made every time the server is rebooted. I prefer to reboot the server at least once a week, to ensure that the files are not getting massive. Just need to find a download link to the pbsvuser.cfg & pbsv.cfg ^ this is only in the case of you using pb on the server, if not, I don't see how you can automatically scan & kick people for wrong/illegal variables in their settings. EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY
  10. I am from time to time. Servers are cracked right? and no PB, so you can't use anything PB related, so no hope of restricting fps settings there.
  11. Playing Northgard nowadays, though my pc is hardly on haha, barely have the time.
  12. Can't blame you. I think you're in the same boat as me and @exzz