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  1. fps jumps and pronecliping rules?

    nope, it's an updated version of the mod we're using now (zpam 2.07)
  2. fps jumps and pronecliping rules?

    @Fight^er we should use that on all of our servers tbh.
  3. fps jumps and pronecliping rules?

    would it be possible for udssr to get their hands on the mod?
  4. fps jumps and pronecliping rules?

    yeah, I even temp banned a guy for 350 minutes because he wouldn't stop using 333, warned him 3 times and he wouldn't listen so yeah, 350 minutes for him to realize he had no other option but to listen if he wanted to keep on playing on our servers.
  5. fps jumps and pronecliping rules?

    I wouldn't allow it, we have more & more players from cg on our servers, should at least try to apply the same rules, fastshooting shouldn't be allowed, I've warned players who've done it so..
  6. fps jumps and pronecliping rules?

    you mean fast reloading/shooting? don't think there's much you can do about that tbh, unless you can alter the reload time but just going through all the things that would affect, it would cause more issues than it would fix anything. + there's already a reload time per weapon, fast reloading or fast shooting (with a rifle) is a bug which basically cancels out the set reload time so.. don't think there's a solution for that without creating additional problems.
  7. fps jumps and pronecliping rules?

    Let me tell you that it's not as easy as it might seem. Proneclipping, from what I've heard, is fixed with the latest pam (3.0?), should ask @fURBYx about this, I'm still sceptical about this as people have tried to fix it for over a decade and they/we never found a solution so I'm wondering how they managed it IF it's really fixed. However, the fps (and /rate and cl_maxpackets and /snaps issue is different because you can't use a cvar checklist unless you use punkbuster if I'm not mistaken, haven't seen a single server without pb being able to implement a cvar checklist as those checks are done through punkbuster, if anyone can find out a way to leave punkbuster out of the picture to use a cvar checking system, I'm all ears.
  8. fps jumps and pronecliping rules?

    btw about fps jumps and proneclipping, it should be said that 333 is bugged, silent steps on stairs etc.. so it's an unfair advantage, not even mentioning the ridiculous jumps you can do with them.. proneclipping is bugged as well.. so even though urby says we should respect everyone's playstyle, abusing bugs and getting to places where you can't get shot nor even seen at some places in some maps, those things should be prohibited I warn and kick for those things and I'm not about to change that tbh, it's only fair to do so in regards to the other players on the server. there's only one reason people use/do those things, to gain an unfair advantage, the only right thing to do there is to forbid it.
  9. Call of Duty WW2 Beta

    I was thinking about mentioning this game a few days ago but I was like meh, people are just gonna whine about how different it is to cod2 so I didn't bother but yeah, it does look nice.
  10. skill drunk :D

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    2. argonaut


      "It's time to kick ass and drink Guinness and I'm all out of Guinness"


      I don't like bubblegum so yeah, and I'm really out of Guinness, but still have Duvel so that's fine.

    3. Hinz


      prost on that xD

    4. argonaut


      well, we say scholl in our dialect so, SCHOLL! xD

  11. World Trade Center Towers ( Trip )

  12. Mobile phone?

    of all the brands you forgot to put Huawei in the poll son!
  13. Considering to Buy a New Graphics Card

    If you didn't live so far away I could send you my 780Ti, I bought a 1060 some time ago (mainly because it's new and updated because in terms of performance they're about even, in some cases the 780Ti is a little bit better and in other cases it's the 1060 taking the lead).
  14. Considering to Buy a New Graphics Card

    Is there an online webstore where you can buy prebuilt pc's? just so I can check things out for you