We've moved to a new host, so gaming server ip's have changed. Check below for new ip's, or delete  udssr 2017 mod in your COD2 main folder and connect to the server using /connect to download the current mod.



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  1. hi i cant join discord..shit. im online now, but nothing UdSSR group

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    2. fURBYx
    3. Fight^er


      I gave you all info: Downloding the exe. Or entering ( logging in ) via browser
      with screen-shots attached explaing step by step.

    4. gryphon
  2. new forum

    whats up? the new site will be very good. i hope soon will be ready and everything will be as before . almost or when we get a rank then it will be visible?
  3. new forum

    hello guys!
  4. Welcome!

    hi all!