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Everything posted by Fight^er

  1. Hello i have configure on the forum in every single profile across [UdSSR] Place for Medals. Please Note: all other medals for all other " Activity's will be posted shortly all recommendations for medals please let me know. What to ADD. Also A ribbon is showed by every post / Profile ( when pointing your mouse on it ) it will tell you what is the ribbon for. + Staff Rank is above.
  2. Good morning guys, Server #4 [ Fun Server Customs Maps ] has been successfully updated! Changelog: 04.12.2018 Map Pack & MOD ( all in one ) Download ----> udssr_mappack_2.iwd ------------------------------------------------------ ** We have Removed the [ PAM ] Mod and replaced it with all Weapons [MOD] Note: Only on " Server #4 FUN " ** ============================= Current Map Pack Uploaded with -/ Maps. wawa_3daim_tdm mp_jjs_aim mp_devilaim mp_jojo gob_iced
  3. [UdSSR] New Team Speak Server ( hosted on our Dedicated Server Machine ) IP:
  4. Happy-Birthday @fURBYx  wish you all the best! hope you have a good day! enjoy

  5. [UdSSR] Official Cod4 Server. Goes live Location: Germany / Hosted on our Linux Dedicated Server. GameType: DM ( Free for all ) Server Slots: 24 Slots MOD: Custom [UdSSR] Mod Created / Edited by @Fight^er --------------------------------- If you think server should run on different gametype / feel free to comment w/ your opinion.
  6. @BooM are you invidia boom on discord? just asking if so i have to update your rank / role on discord to the current as you have now.
  7. @BooM i guess you fixed it and got it to work ? how did you get it to work?
  8. [UdSSR] Clan Server & Forum Rules! -Aimbot, No recoil, Wallhack or any other cheats -Namestealing/Namechanging -using the [UdSSR] clan-tag (will result in TEMP BAN then PERM BAN) -Grenade-Teamkill (change to spectator) -Spamming / Advertising -Blocking -FPS should be inside range 44<x<250. You have to be warned twice to change it then admin might kick you -Macros, m1 scripts etc. (first, warn) -Clipping, using bugs -Bad language (if someone insult other players or admins) -Simple rule: racist comments are " NOT Acceptable in [UdSSR] Forum or Servers , no bad words to countries and religions, same as sexist or insulting words and nicks ~Respect other admins and players ! ~Don't kick other admins and clan members, if they use cheat - just make demo and report on forum. Also don't kick players if you are not sure they are cheating! call help on forum or make BR ~You are not allowed to kick for: -camping (only if they camp all the time) ~ADMINS HAVE TO USE OUR CLAN TAG AND THEIR REAL NICKNAMES IN RCON PROGRAMMS (IF HE WANT TO SPECT GOOD ACTORS , HE CAN USE UNDERCOVER NAME)
  9. whaaat @BooM ? xD
  10. Happy - Birthday :first1:  Have a good one Enjoy it!

  11. @BooM Download the game via here " the site is legit " 100% safe. Its a original hard copy of the game it will most likely work give it a try ... Step 1.) Visit Website to download ( http://oceanofgames.com/call-of-duty-2-free-download/ Step 2.) After clicking " Download " wait a min till a pop up comes up to download " Save AS " choose your destination to download. After its completed install. it should work!
  12. world of THANKS ? or tanks ? @BooM
  13. so does fazer ( i think ) @Alex10Hartmann
  14. @BooM you have Windows 10 correct ?? just to refresh my mind? @FaZeR Didn't you had the same problem , on your windows 10 and you copied the folder from your cod2 that was installed on your laptop which ran windows 7 and it than ran on the windows 10 ( the game folder that you copied from the windows 7 where cod2 was installed ? give him the folder ? zip it upload it and give him the link? see if that works i'm going to help you out and well fix it @BooM keep your self posted here on the forum! well get it to work
  15. It dosen't matter what currency you are sending it with it will automatically transfer the funds into US dollar. @GabbaGandalf
  16. Hello , Members & Staff of [UdSSR] I would like to to share , we are switching dedicated servers in up coming month October 3rd , since our contract is getting expired. To a newer better and more powerful. The total cost of the " Dedicated Server " 158$ dollars per month. Donations are very welcome , and much appreciated. For those who donate please include your In-Game name so i know who you are thank you. Thank you for your interest in helping out our family! We accept donations from everyone. Your donation will go towards the upkeep of the [UdSSR] servers and website. The generosity of our guests and members are the reason we're here and growing. Don't forget to mention your in-game ( forum ) name. Thanks again! ====> CLICK HERE TO DONATE <==== Donors: @GabbaGandalf $5.00
  17. Im not sure if the steam version will work like what i wrote above , due to ( steam account ) etc... But i'm going to sent you my entire Cod2 Folder ( i have windows 7 ) and give it a try just change your Name from Fight^er to your own inside cod2 game or directly in config. I know it works with non steam users , direct files from person who have hard copy of cod2 installed. But we'll give it a try wit the steam @BooM
  18. Really best way to resolve this issue , with 1,2,3 is simply if someone sents you all the files , and for you simply to replace them with your current ones ( note the person must have windows 7 ) and your cod2 will work like a charm right away @BooM
  19. yeah the whole website has been changed i see new layout etc.... i dont like it too kinda confusing eh
  20. Help fast !!!

    @Logic. What do you mean ? can you explain the situation more in detail & Screen Shot so we know what might cause the issue and whats happening ?
  21. I've gotten us a forum theme , which i did set up mostly everything even a temporary banner... Which its only tempoary but i will have one made in up coming days , as well other features for admin will be applied on the forum as we had before Check Log Restart Servers And other features. Hope you all likes the looks
  22. I sent you it later Alex when i get home
  23. We will add member of the month block i have the plugin for the forum as well @Alex10Hartmann