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  1. #Proudtobeblue

    how could the armed rabble know?
  2. fps stutter with new cpu/mainboard

    I had a similar problem with my old pc ... try to close all processes not being needed. dont really remember the one I always had to close - but might help you
  3. chara-cunt.jpg

  4. cunt.jpg

  5. habs geändert :D hast ja recht

  6. shot0266.jpg

    quote by some cunt yesterday "who are you - his whore?" @argonaut
  7. shot0266.jpg

    don't really remember - something like he already played the last days and was dodgy ...
  8. shot0266.jpg

    why would I? love to confuse
  9. shot0266.jpg

  10. shot0266.jpg

    they thought "purrcunt" (me) is linked to "habitetten purr" ( @argonaut )
  11. shot0266.jpg

    From the album purrcunt

  12. purrcunt

    purrcunt - argo's favorite name of mine they thought my name "purrcunt" is linked to habitetten purr
  13. Funny Videos & Share a laugh

    beaglebali! seriously ... we gotta play some pcws soon
  14. Music time!

    well I usually don't catch up with ppl making my liver being thankful - fine for me then