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Everything posted by Alex10Hartmann

  1. @HyperX Gamer but u played before? Wtf happened...HM.will check on my PC.tho even with downloading off I can enter server
  2. agree with guys above.try to enable download then it should work properly.i tested downloading new mod with existing old file on my pc few times.worked good
  3. @GOATSE there is no big deal to set rifle server with pam mod right now but i dont think activity will be good anyway. @RaseL promised to send me new mod tho. and y try is try. if u guys think this will improve activity then i'm for it
  4. @RaseL ye why not.send me if u have smthg.pm here or discord
  5. @GOATSE @Nashua veteran rifle server has shitty mod in it
  6. 6 yes 2 no. ranges banned. i can explain finally why.he insulting too much and new players who come to servers wont play with him for sure.i dont think we need it. i didnt want to ban him for long time tho y.anyway fair voting made
  7. @exzz i added voting maybe give him a try as clan member
  8. @Fight^er apply to 3v3 team urgent
  9. 5v5 https://eu.cybergamer.com/team/243873/UdSSR-Clan-Team-5v5/ 3v3 https://eu.cybergamer.com/team/251716/UdSSR-Clan-Team-3v3/ For a while we have no org server. still need help to set it up (pbbans stream) made help ticket bcs they said my guid in use, tho i have org cd To play CG u need ORIGINAL key
  10. first 10-10 second 10-8 they confirmed wrong score so izi win xdd
  11. about clipping.he always use it about his activity? when no admins online he usually insulting players easily.with no activity on servers now i dont see any problems.just vote and later we ll see results.i collected enough IP's.all from Cyprus.he plays on our servers bcs sparta r noobs (his words),but he won't behave normal
  12. @SUN @Fight^er i think we can play at least 3v3.make an application urgent.otherwise they will close empty team 3v3
  13. it wasnt interesting.too easy.we had better games later after this one. did u lose connection? @Fight^er
  14. @argonaut doesnt work.this command is for searching binds and logging next commands r prevent using high fps but i didnt find grace period to make kick instant pb_sv_cvar com_maxfps OUT 0.000001 40 pb_sv_cvar com_maxfps IN 41 250 it works but scanning sometimes takes too long
  15. can't configure it. somehow i can connect to server with 333 fps.how to fix it and other settings? maybe some1 has got commands list? in addition some guys have this error [06.23.2018 18:33:13] VIOLATION (COMFAIL) #133: PLAYERSNAME (slot #7) No Packet Flow [(VALID) PLAYERSIP:PORT]
  16. @Fight^er don't share settings here.support section is visible to all ppl.I found already
  17. @exzz still no instant kick for 333.idk if its good.i can send u pm with pb cfgs if u can help
  18. changelog 28/06/18 mods paths had been changed
  19. first map 12-8 win second then akaz and another 1 guy gone
  20. @Fight^er i had been invited to play.anyway cg sucks
  21. and yh they dont want to apply the real score bcs i wasnt in team tho my cgac was on wtf? @exzz. https://eu.cybergamer.com/match/850730/
  22. just need pbsv.cfg and pbsvuser.cfg P.S. found on CyberGamer https://eu.cybergamer.com/files/6970/ +i ve added couple more checks
  23. @exzz i want to make settings when pb will kick for 333