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Everything posted by Alex10Hartmann

  1. changelog 02/09/18 sniper rifles limit has been set to 2 per team on SD server. test it
  2. changelog 29/08/18 mappack on fun server has been edited by @Fight^er see map list below /rcon map jojo /rcon map giantRoom /rcon map mp_jjs_aim /rcon map gob_iced /rcon map moox_Aim (may cause problems, dont set it. will be removed later) /rcon map mp_devilaim /rcon map killzone v3 /rcon map wawa_3daim
  3. hribovk - constantly insulting admins nonamer - aimbot both permanently banned
  4. @Fight^er cz u didnt add it properly.send separated maps to me i'll add it
  5. Remember him from the past. Clean. Tho didn't check demo
  6. i would like to inform all of you that Nashua had been promoted to admin. He was clan member before host's crash. And he s pretty active recently. Cheers @Nashua
  7. an y its just one kill.played a lot with him.rarely crying about cheating and y he never used cheats.he got high sensitivity so it was just random.clean
  8. found probably how we can set it. dvar enforcer. atm it forces only snaps < server's sv_fps.but i still dunno what to type in pam dvar enforcer file to force fps to 250 http://modsonline.com/Forums-top-62077.html if any1 has got good knowledge in scripting then help) i dont think its so hard but idk how to do it.anyway this link above usefull @Ki1Lu @urby6300 @Hinz
  9. @GOATSE lets try tj dm first.if activity will rise then ill add smthg
  10. agree.family on first place always.good to hear tbh.good luck in real life anyway we r still on forum all of us.so u sold 1 whole pc? and u have no pc atm? cant imagine how i would live and work without it yep
  11. changelog 29/07/18 Rifle server had been added instead of new maps server. All new maps still can be played on wawa server. Check map list to set map u need mp_giantroom mp_jjs_aim mp_jojo mp_killzone mp_training
  12. @GOATSE @argonaut @Nashua what about map rotation? i ve set rifle server instead of new maps. u can still play new maps on wawa server bcs i made mappack before 5 mb @argonaut do u know which files r needed to edit to get all rifles on both sides?
  13. @BooM did u try to set compatibility with windows xp sp3? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aL0Zg4nmM4k p.s. thats why im still using win 7.less problems.easier interface
  14. @argonaut im tired,lazy and not in mood.ok u found out it doesnt take too long xdd)) anyway sunday soon.as i promised ill take a look P.i think i will merge wawa and new maps and will set rifle server instead of wawa.so wawa map will be available on new maps server.fighter thinks increasing servers may cause lags.tho im not sure.we have enough free ram and not worst host....idk.anyway servers empty most time.wont be a problem
  15. @GOATSE I have free time on Sunday.will take a look on mods
  16. @argonaut ik but wanna find difference. Do u remember Pam command for rifle only?
  17. @RaseL will test it next weekends i think
  18. @CR7 and unfortunately dat map we had low cheater in team. If u have his IP pls send me. Even admin of irc asked xd
  19. @urby6300 @Ki1Lu @Hinz @exzz any suggestions? seems they use cvar check tool from pb @HyperX Gamer r u sure pb is off on server?
  20. @HyperX Gamer when u play pcw or cg ofc pb check ur settings.otherwise impossible i guess
  21. @HyperX Gamer 1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~UdSSR.iwd (main folder) 2. mods folder
  22. @HyperX Gamer punkbuster has such thing. Not sure if it's possible without pb.if u will use 333 u will get kick on sparta?