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  1. How to crack server ?

    depends wether windows based OS or not
  2. how is my little nuubi? happy new year :* miss ya xx :emoticon-0109-kiss:

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    2. Hinz


      xD i love your best wishes :D:D happy week <3

    3. wonder girl

      wonder girl

      ohh well xD come to Skype sometime i wanna show u smth :D

    4. Hinz


      :D im online there in this very moment

  3. Cryptos

    made some money with it last month but now im out its just stupid
  4. Music time!

    should work now, can someone confirm?
  5. IMG_6802.JPG

    what is it
  6. [CoD WWII] Call of Duty®: WWII Download

    size decreases when installed?
  7. [UDSSR] Pubs Ping Issues

    heyho, thanks for reporting this issue i dont know that evanzo company but google says its a partner company to our hosting company and obviously working as a provider for them maybe only a problem on their side (did anyone else had the same problem yesterday evening?) cant say much about it, hopefully it will get fixed by itself if the problem persists feel free to update us
  8. fps jumps and pronecliping rules?

    why is everything so simple? if there would be an easy solution -> mod (and dont tell me what you think is easy)
  9. fps jumps and pronecliping rules?

    i used to kick for prone clipping on purpose makes a whole lot of sense cant understand why someone would protect cheating`?
  10. Great profile video Hinz :DDD

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    2. HyperX Gamer

      HyperX Gamer

      wtf is this movie about -.-' ? trying to make something and then break it? :DDD

    3. Hinz


      naa bro its about an art that has been undiscovered for thooousands of years :P you should really start making your mind about human history, its amazing :) these techniques are used to pretty easy extract iron 

    4. HyperX Gamer
  11. Speedtest for Command Line

    From the album Server & Stuff

    showing down- and upload speed of the server