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Hello and welcome on [UdSSR] gaming and in our Forum!


If you want to help us keep the servers clean, here are some rules to follow if you want to create an apply for beeing admin:


50 hours on our gaming server -
active in our forum -
in contact with members -
mature behaviour -
at least 16 years old -

1. Create an account (register to the forum) and login


2. Introduce yourself here (make a topic, write some sentences about yourself)


3. After that start a new Topic in our Admin Recruting Forum with the title"YOUR INGAME NAME apply". (You need at least 1 Post to post there)


Your apply should contain the following: (copy this)




ingame name:
real name:


Why you want to join?:
Why should we accept you:


Servers you play:
CoD 2 / CoD 4?
How long do you play CoD?


Rules are simple and concrete, you just have to behave yourself as mature and responsible person.
Please work this application out very carefully.


after your application is accepted you are on trial (like in testing phase) for 2weeks


How do admins decide if you are in or not? We will vote, when you get enough positive votes from other admins we will accept you in our community!


Be patient and please wait until we made our decision! Greetz, Hinz :)