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forbidden on the Servers

  • The use of Aimbot and NoRecoil can end in an immediate ban
  • Wallhack
  • Namestealing/Namechanging
  • using the [UdSSR] clan-tag
  • Grenade-Teamkill (change to spectator)
  • Out of Map glitch
  • Jumping (on S&D server allowed)
  • Spamming / Advertising
  • Spawnkillcamping
  • Blocking

Forum Rules

  • Keep the forum as clean as possible, post only when necessary
    (the quantity doesn't matter, while the quality does)
  • Bad behavior and excessive language are not tolerated! Avoid posting on forum by flaming or raging
  • This is an international community, therefore English is the only allowed language on the site
  • No spamming or advertising in the shoutbox chat and on the rest of the board!