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  3. fps jumps and pronecliping rules?

    nope, it's an updated version of the mod we're using now (zpam 2.07)
  4. fps jumps and pronecliping rules?

    Isn´t that the mod with all weapons and automatic svt´s? I like our mod better in my opinion.
  5. fps jumps and pronecliping rules?

    @Fight^er we should use that on all of our servers tbh.
  6. fps jumps and pronecliping rules?

    Here it is zpam300_beta_2016_2_2.rar
  7. fps jumps and pronecliping rules?

    would it be possible for udssr to get their hands on the mod?
  8. fps jumps and pronecliping rules?

    It is really fixed into a new zpam 3.0, you can see it all here; http://cg.kratas.net And yes it is working, i do know some servers which run them.
  9. New Server: Rats & Wawa

    for @Pinocchio
  10. New Server: Rats & Wawa

  11. New Server: Rats & Wawa

  12. wtf like on fb :DD

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    2. Fight^er


      I have tried it it was a while back my friend had it well of course its stronger more THC  lucky you gimme somee

    3. wonder girl

      wonder girl

      yh nooo im being selfish if its about weed xD I'd give to my boss tho so he could chill the fk out sometimes at work.. xD

    4. Fight^er


      PoT Head :P to its max u wont share with gregii?? come on now girl lets get real? gimme a bit sharing is careing  i'm the booss :P i need to chill the fk out sooo? 

  13. New Server: Rats & Wawa

    I got us additional server " 10 slot " which is enough for wawa & rats. Server IP: Rcon: Current as others. Server Location: Frankfurt, Germany Maps that are uploaded in the server. mp_giantroom.iwd wawa_3daim_tdm.iwd Server will be uploaded to the main page with the rest
  14. fps jumps and pronecliping rules?

    yeah, I even temp banned a guy for 350 minutes because he wouldn't stop using 333, warned him 3 times and he wouldn't listen so yeah, 350 minutes for him to realize he had no other option but to listen if he wanted to keep on playing on our servers.
  15. fps jumps and pronecliping rules?

    and finally kick them if still abusing, right? thats the point of view I have
  16. fps jumps and pronecliping rules?

    I wouldn't allow it, we have more & more players from cg on our servers, should at least try to apply the same rules, fastshooting shouldn't be allowed, I've warned players who've done it so..
  17. fps jumps and pronecliping rules?

    I was actually more asking about how we handle it? do we allow it? In the past weeks, I got shot quite often by somebody using this bug -.- dont know if we have a straight line for that issue ...
  18. fps jumps and pronecliping rules?

    you mean fast reloading/shooting? don't think there's much you can do about that tbh, unless you can alter the reload time but just going through all the things that would affect, it would cause more issues than it would fix anything. + there's already a reload time per weapon, fast reloading or fast shooting (with a rifle) is a bug which basically cancels out the set reload time so.. don't think there's a solution for that without creating additional problems.
  19. fps jumps and pronecliping rules?

    how about using this fuckin reload-bug?
  20. fps jumps and pronecliping rules?

    Let me tell you that it's not as easy as it might seem. Proneclipping, from what I've heard, is fixed with the latest pam (3.0?), should ask @fURBYx about this, I'm still sceptical about this as people have tried to fix it for over a decade and they/we never found a solution so I'm wondering how they managed it IF it's really fixed. However, the fps (and /rate and cl_maxpackets and /snaps issue is different because you can't use a cvar checklist unless you use punkbuster if I'm not mistaken, haven't seen a single server without pb being able to implement a cvar checklist as those checks are done through punkbuster, if anyone can find out a way to leave punkbuster out of the picture to use a cvar checking system, I'm all ears.
  21. fps jumps and pronecliping rules?

    was only a guess so whats ur opinion? Can we fix it somehow?
  22. fps jumps and pronecliping rules?

    why is everything so simple? if there would be an easy solution -> mod (and dont tell me what you think is easy)
  23. comeback :D

  24. Earlier
  25. fps jumps and pronecliping rules?

    If i may, You guys try to attract cg players, yet there are loads of non-sense things happening : - I know that's already on discussion, yet i'll still mention it as it's not fixed : random kicks. - The clipping issue : many people noticed that you won't take any action against people with no honor or education constantly clipping. "Why should i keep getting killed by bug abuse if no action is taken, let's do it too". - The FPS limit issue : why the hell don't you prohibit 333, 500 and 1000 FPS. That only causes game engine abuses : silent running and going to unreachable places. Even some of your admins use that and/or don't play SD, that shouldn't be tolerated.. How do you expect people to behave well if your own admins can't respect your own rules. PS : Not really game breaking, but why don't you fix the fact that you can kill people when a round ended? I actually don't understand why it has been implemented in the first place.
  26. fps jumps and pronecliping rules?

    pretty much fully agree with argo
  27. fps jumps and pronecliping rules?

    btw about fps jumps and proneclipping, it should be said that 333 is bugged, silent steps on stairs etc.. so it's an unfair advantage, not even mentioning the ridiculous jumps you can do with them.. proneclipping is bugged as well.. so even though urby says we should respect everyone's playstyle, abusing bugs and getting to places where you can't get shot nor even seen at some places in some maps, those things should be prohibited I warn and kick for those things and I'm not about to change that tbh, it's only fair to do so in regards to the other players on the server. there's only one reason people use/do those things, to gain an unfair advantage, the only right thing to do there is to forbid it.
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