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  • 16/06/18 new maps server added
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  4. @argonaut doesnt work.this command is for searching binds and logging next commands r prevent using high fps but i didnt find grace period to make kick instant pb_sv_cvar com_maxfps OUT 0.000001 40 pb_sv_cvar com_maxfps IN 41 250 it works but scanning sometimes takes too long
  5. STEP 0: The first requirement is that you have access to your server's FTP. STEP 1: Once you have access to the FTP of your server, the next step is to add some lines in the "pbsvuser.cfg" file, which is located at ..\pb\pbsvuser.cfg. Open the file and add the following: pb_sv_load stock_iwd_md5.cfg // stock-iwd checksum control, remove the "//" to enable and put stock_iwd_md5.cfg in your pb folder pb_sv_load promod_iwd_md5.cfg // promod-iwd-file checksum control, remove the "//" to enable and put promod_iwd_md5.cfg in your pb folder pb_sv_CvarChangedPulse 99 pb_sv_CvarUserPulse 99 pb_sv_task 20 2500 pb_sv_cvarsrch wait pb_sv_task 80 2500 pb_sv_cvarsrch vstr pb_sv_task 140 2500 pb_sv_cvarsrch bind pb_sv_task 200 2500 pb_sv_bindsrch wait pb_sv_task 260 2500 pb_sv_bindsrch vstr pb_sv_task 320 2500 pb_sv_bindsrch com_maxfps <- that's what you want to use pb_sv_task 380 2500 pb_sv_bindsrch rate pb_sv_task 440 2500 pb_sv_bindsrch exec pb_sv_task 500 2500 pb_sv_bindsrch bind pb_sv_task 560 2500 pb_sv_bindsrch set The "pb_sv_task 20 2500" command performs a task after 20 seconds in a loop of 2500 seconds. If you want the server to scan more frequently, just lower the value of 2500. Make sure that the highest value of the scantime does not exceed the value of the loop (currently 2500). You can also add more values to be scanned for. For example if you want to add a scan for a toggle bind, just add: "pb_sv_task 40 2500 pb_sv_cvarsrch toggle" and "pb_sv_task 240 2500 pb_sv_bindsrch toggle". STEP 2: Now you need to edit another pb file: pbsv.cfg. This file is located at ...\pb\pbsv.cfg. Open the file and edit and add the following: First make sure that the following command is set to "1" like this: pb_sv_CvarLogging 1 Secondly, add the following command: pb_sv_load pbsvuser.cfg STEP 3: You have completed all the settings on the server side. Your server should now make logs and save them on the following location: ...\pb\svlogs. The logs start with the number 00000001.log and new files are made every time the server is rebooted. I prefer to reboot the server at least once a week, to ensure that the files are not getting massive. Just need to find a download link to the pbsvuser.cfg & pbsv.cfg ^ this is only in the case of you using pb on the server, if not, I don't see how you can automatically scan & kick people for wrong/illegal variables in their settings. EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY
  6. so whats the command to limit fps on server?
  7. I am from time to time. Servers are cracked right? and no PB, so you can't use anything PB related, so no hope of restricting fps settings there.
  8. @Fight^er don't share settings here.support section is visible to all ppl.I found already
  9. Is @argonaut still around? I would favour him taking a check over myself if possible. I lost track of commands and stuff regarding servers. LOL
  10. @exzz still no instant kick for 333.idk if its good.i can send u pm with pb cfgs if u can help
  11. changelog 28/06/18 mods paths had been changed
  12. just need pbsv.cfg and pbsvuser.cfg P.S. found on CyberGamer https://eu.cybergamer.com/files/6970/ +i ve added couple more checks
  13. @exzz i want to make settings when pb will kick for 333
  14. Why would you play with 333 over 250 fps in the first place?
  15. can't configure it. somehow i can connect to server with 333 fps.how to fix it and other settings? maybe some1 has got commands list? in addition some guys have this error [06.23.2018 18:33:13] VIOLATION (COMFAIL) #133: PLAYERSNAME (slot #7) No Packet Flow [(VALID) PLAYERSIP:PORT]
  16. The new MU2 update is making the game so much better. Actually going a lot closer to the CSGO system since you have economy etc now. Give it a try.
  17. mhm.ye we can imagine i have no b44 yet.maybe later will buy
  18. I highly doubt that since I quit playing cod2. Maybe we can do it in Battalion 1944?
  19. @exzz https://eu.cybergamer.com/match/822703/ revenge?
  20. https://eu.cybergamer.com/settings/gameids/ solved.found.updated cgac then all working
  21. Profile > Settings > Game IDs
  22. so will some1 will help me to find user id?
  23. yeah the whole website has been changed i see new layout etc.... i dont like it too kinda confusing eh
  24. new cybergamer website sucks big time
  25. cybergamer user id and key. where the fck r they now? i dont like this new interface
  26. changelog 16/06/18 new maps server added (testing mode for a while) @Sven Lisjak /connect mp_giantroom mp_jjs_aim mp_jojo mp_killzone mp_training gametracker 28965
  27. @Logic. Check ur audio drivers.HDMI driver should be installed and activated in sound devices.I have win 7 x64
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