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  2. More Fps

    y some players have 120 fps and they can get +200 with that settings and who have 250 can get 333
  3. More Fps

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  6. More Fps

    @Logic. 333 disallowed btw.and maxpackets depend on ur internet speed
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  8. More Fps

    Topic Pinned @Logic. Nice Post
  9. More Fps

    hi Guys new tuto called "how i can get more then my FPS" 111111111111111111111 -First put this commands in consol /r_multigpu 1 /r_polygonoffsetbias 16 /r_polygonoffsetscale 4 /r_glow 0 /r_drawSun 0 /r_fullscreen 1 /com_maxfps 333 ; cl_maxpackets 63 /com_maxfps 250 ; cl_maxpackets 63 ; (could be 83) /com_maxfps 125 ; cl_maxpackets 42 2222222222222222222- see photo
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  11. Someone here plays World of Tanks?

    @UG.GabbaGandalf my father used to play never even wanted
  12. Someone here plays World of Tanks?

    Never played it although I own a Black T-Shirt of the game. LOL'D
  13. Someone here plays World of Tanks?

    In the last time i play much WoT. If anyone is playing here and want to Team Up add me: MysterioMax
  14. #Proudtobeblue

    well thank you
  15. #Proudtobeblue

    Happy - Birthday
  16. #Proudtobeblue

    Happy birthday mate indeed!
  17. #Proudtobeblue

    well than happy bday my belgian neighbor and friend
  18. #Proudtobeblue

    how could the armed rabble know?
  19. #Proudtobeblue

    4th of jan.. my bday, and blue's the favourite colour so I can only really + this
  20. #Proudtobeblue

    I actually like Manchester City even though people flame them duo money and not big history.
  21. #Proudtobeblue

    Pls make ur name on the 4th January blue. Thank you
  22. How to crack server ?

    I have luxhosting server atm and if I wanna change that I do it from their website ftp. Sorry.
  23. How to crack server ?

    I sent a ticket to pukawka support but they replied that they don't crack servers and i have to do it on my own by replacing cod2_lnxded with it's cracked version but it doesn't seem to work. When i replaced it i still could see guids using /pb_power so i tried to restart sever. When i restarted server it went down and i couldn turn it on so i reinstalled it... but when i reinstall serv all files including cod2_lnxded reseting to default ;/
  24. How to crack server ?

    Don't they (pukawka) provide a ftp website where you can change that and many more options? If none of these comments helped you, I would keep this one for private wars or CG and create one cracked each time you wanna play with your friends over here -
  25. How to crack server ?

    depends wether windows based OS or not
  26. How to crack server ?

    Hey, Can someone explain me how to crack my cod2 server ? Im not hosting it on my cpu, i bought it from provider and they refuse to crack it so i have to do it myself but i don't know how... ;/
  27. how is my little nuubi? happy new year :* miss ya xx :emoticon-0109-kiss:

  28. really wawa hero? lel you wish.. i could beat u anytime on 1v1 :P

    1. Pinocchio


      Anytime sis, but bring TV on the server, you could start a golden cod2 career :P

  29. fps stutter with new cpu/mainboard

    We didn´t safed it
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