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  3. If anyone going to visit Moscow due football championship will going or any of your friends - pls send me pm.i can give you best offer and rent out cheap 1-room flat and maybe couple flats with more rooms if needed. If you have friends who wanna visit - pls inform them too. thanx in advance

  4. happy birthday nubo

  5. low asks for help about fps

  6. low asks for help about fps

    @Junior member dont work -.-*
  7. low asks for help about fps

    Just turn Vsync off into settings/graphics options. Should be called something like "synchronize at every frames" in english.
  8. low asks for help about fps

    i use different war Server and there works my fps with 200-250.... i copy my cfg into zpam207 but it dont works in public again 60 fps -.-*
  9. CoD2 Original Key Code

    @UG.GabbaGandalf u have to wait about half of year at airport lol
  10. CoD2 Original Key Code

    @Alex10Hartmann sure. I hope Po4ta Rossij finds me at domodedovo
  11. CoD2 Original Key Code
  12. CoD2 Original Key Code

    @UG.GabbaGandalf unlucky u wanted visit moscow-buy cd disc with delivery to airport ahaha
  13. CoD2 Original Key Code

    Looked at the shop. Pretty cheap. problem is that i dont pay in rubles so its useless
  14. GameTracker Profile problem

    Its all good alexwere not getting havked everything is running perfect without any single problem
  15. low asks for help about fps

    if will help-lemme know
  16. How to crack server ?

    @BLEACH solved?
  17. fps stutter with new cpu/mainboard

    @UG.GabbaGandalf try to set read only attribute on changes it by its own after some time.i dont like it
  18. CoD2 Original Key Code

    @UG.GabbaGandalf i bought cd disc via like ebay is old so no1 is using this key except me
  19. GameTracker Profile problem

  20. low asks for help about fps

    @low which war server do u usually use?our or different? first of all u need to check ur cfgs.each mod path has own cfg usually u use cfg from main game folder(main-players-user-config_mp.cfg) so just copy this cfg to every path with ur username in each mod folder.for example (mods-pam206-players-user-)
  21. CoD2 Original Key Code
  22. CoD2 Original Key Code my friend. When i buy games than everytime from there. Got half of my steamlib. from there If you buying uncheck the G2A shield mark. Its useless and costs 3€ extra
  23. CoD2 Original Key Code

    I personaly have most of my games on my Steam account for like 10 years now. You dont have to keep ur cd-keys or games *.iso, u can just download ur games easily an updated through Steam. But u can still install the original game and use the Steam CD-Key
  24. CoD2 Original Key Code

    Hey, Sup, thanks. But, I don't want it via Steam. I don't have Steam. So to that work I'll have to make Steam and play CoD2 via Steam?
  25. CoD2 Original Key Code

    Its on sale right now on Steam for 10$ ! Till 19th this month
  26. CoD2 Original Key Code

    Hey, does anyone know any good-safe online website where I could buy original CoD2 Key Code via PayPal for some small money? Thanks in advance!
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